1xBet App Download for Android APK & iOS Free 2022

How to download 1xbet to your Android and iOS device

Globalization has come with many benefits such as the opening up of various normally restricted markets. Gaming brands such as 1xbet have been quick on the uptake and now come with 1xbet mobile for their loyal customers. 1xbet has been slowly but surely making inroads into various markets that have seen reform in their gambling sectors. Once based in Russia, this bookie is now based in the Republic of Cyprus owing to its excellent business environment. This, however, has not affected any of their expansion plans and their latest offering to get customers more engaged is the launch of an android application to serve their ever-increasing customer base. Well reputed for their large welcome bonus and ease of access, the mobile application only serves to increase the overall convenience of using their bookmaking services. With their reputation on the line, find out what 1xbet has to offer with their latest android application as we take it for a spin.

How to download the app to an Android phone

I hit a roadblock in the Google App store. Owing to a strict ban on apps promoting games of chance and providing bookie services, all apps from all bookmakers cannot be located on the official app store. This, despite being mildly irritating, can easily be remedied. An apk installer is the alternative means of carrying out an installation. Going to the main website, an installer was quickly found in the Downloads section of the bookie’s site. Clicking the Android icon is all it takes to trigger the process and within a couple of seconds, depending on your internet speed, the file will be on your device’s local storage. Your device may warn you of the potential security risk of the file, but seeing as we know the origin of the application file, you will have to ignore it. If it doesn’t warn you then your device’s security may be lacking and this may be a good time to review them.

Running the installation package

Once, the download has been completed, the next step in the process is triggering the installation process by opening the downloaded file. Navigate to where your file was saved and open the file. A security warning should show up informing you that the application’s source and security cannot be verified. This is usually the case for any installation on android that bypasses the secured App Store. The popup notification directs you to the place where you need to change the device’s settings. Once you have done this, the installation procedure can proceed as designed. The usual permissions are listed on the installation procedure and after a few seconds, you get 1xbet on your Android device free of charge.

Where to find the iOS version

When it comes to Apple devices, there is no apk installation package. Instead, the manufacturer restricts all applications to their official app store. This makes it a tad bit easier for installing 1xbet. This bookie has its official app available to its iOS customers free of charge from the main app. To download the app all you need to do is launch the App Store. The search functionality is very handy and typing in the keywords 1xbet quickly populates several results. Given the popularity of the word bet in applications, you will need to identify the correct app and this can be done using the logo and customer reviews. After identifying the correct application, the app can be downloaded by clicking the install button. The rest of the procedure is automatic and again, depending on how fast your internet is, you can have the app downloaded in a matter of seconds.

iOS Installation procedure

Installing apps on iOS devices is quite easy. With the availability of the app on the app store, the installation is automatically done once you click the Install button. In a matter of seconds, the App Store quickly installs the 1xbet application to your Apple device. The 1xbet application for iOS devices is completely similar to the Android version with no disadvantages or advantages over their sister app. After installing the application to your Apple device. After installation, go to your app drawer, and you will see a new icon with the 1xbet logo on it. All you need to do is click on it to run the app on the device of choice.

Benefits of apps

With the Android app still relatively new, you might be wondering, why should I use this new app when the main website works just as fine? Well, with the use of Android as a platform, instead of web technology, several benefits of using the application are realized including:

∙ Personalized notifications. When it comes to the app, the one obvious advantage is the notifications. Users of the application get notified on the devices of their current slips as well as of their favourite matches and events. You no longer need to fear events passing you.

∙ Security of communication. Man in the middle attacks, as well as eavesdropping, are security threats to secure communication on the platform. With the application, the communication is encrypted and the customer can rest easy his personal information is not at risk.

Windows application

The Windows operating system has users the world over. Given this bookie prides itself on the convenience of use, a Windows application was bound to eventually be released. 1xbet has a Windows application for their Windows users. The installer can be found on their main website.