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About the Site

FutureTricks was launched in june 2016 . We wanted to share the unique knowledge in the internet and web. After we developed our content philosophy, website traffic has been growing rapidly and this hobby of ours became something much bigger.futuretricks strongly believes that its articles really gonna help the readers to be more productive and “Error-free-guy” in their daily life. We do not publish any posts whose aren’t related to computer, internet, mobile, social media, blogging(SEO) and software. Republishing our content to other site or your own site is against the content copyright rules and we take further actions on them.

About the Author

Hi! This is Adip Gaurav, the author of FutureTricks who is a tech lover guy and loves the Blogging extremely. Blogging is always an interesting and rewarding part to him to share thoughts and experiences. He always try to write his experiences, techniques and other productive guides in a easy way so that you can do the same just like him.

About Our Readers

FutureTrick always takes care about readers’ problems on computer, internet, mobile, social media, blogging(SEO) and latest software which helps them in their personal and professional life. This site provides totally free articles for the reader and allows the reader to comment on and ask any question related on the topic. This site provides a Contact Us page to send Email directly to the author. Readers’ thoughts and contributions are appreciated to improve any content by their comments or emails. Follow us or be a valuable fan to interact more with us on Facebook and Google+.