Anomor 2023 [WORKING] Hack Facebook Account


Do you also want to know what your friends are doing on social media platforms? Just imagine you have an online tool from where you can hack anyone’s Facebook and Instagram account within minutes without evening letting them know about this malicious activity. Today we will talk about Anomor.

Anomor 2023 [WORKING] Hack Facebook Account

We have one online tool suggestion for you from where you accomplish. Your friend’s login credentials for any social media platform in a few clicks. Yes, you heard right!

The hacking tool is available on the website of ANOMOR.


Anomor is an online tool that is used for hacking anyone’s Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo accounts in minutes without use. This tool is available on the official website of Anomor.

This works by providing you with a list of different types of links which you need to share with your target to trap them and attain their id and passwords from different social media platforms within some clicks.

These days people are using different hacking tricks and tools to gain login credentials of so their close ones. This may be because of fun or some sort of vengeance itself.

Anomor is one of the most famous tools available on the internet for hacking but is not legal that’s why it is always removed by google itself and comes with the same features from different domains in parallel.

Hacking is easy to do. But with experience and knowledge, you will able to target anyone by sending links of their choice to whom they will click and submit their login credentials. People are getting much more conscious of the online traps happening these days. So, you have to be confident enough before sending suspicious links to your prey.

This online tool even creates an active Facebook page that looks exactly like the original one so that there is a high chance that people with fall into the trap and instantly give their login credentials in the blink of an eye.

The Best part of creating these kinds of links is Facebook itself doesn’t consider them spam which makes it easy for your prey to fall into this trap.

But don’t use this technique against harming anyone and also don’t share your knowledge of hacking with anyone otherwise you came under a criminal violation and be considered to do humiliation in public.

In this article, we will give you a step-by-step guide on how to use Anomor perfectly and get your goal accomplished.

Before knowing complete information about how to use Anomor you need to first understand what is phishing and the types of phishing.

You know the scenario! You find a re-mailer on a hoax site, they ask you to send your data to get a prize or bonus vouchers. But you have good familiar sense and think twice about entering your details.

But wait! What if we’ve already got your friend’s stolen login credentials? Isn’t fun to read?

For us to get your victim’s login credentials, we will use a simple strategy to get their information. This involves different online tools and websites that will trick them into giving up their login credential fooling them by giving various fake offers and realistic pages of social media handles.

And believe us, with proper guidance and little patience it works!

The phishing methods are classified into two categories:-

  • Social engineering.
  • Website spoofing.

Social engineering is a kind of computer hacking that pertains to using scenarios to trick users into giving up their information.

For example, an employee might be fooled into logging into her company’s email account using his password so that she can get access to confidential compositions or files.

The attacker gains access to the victim’s accounts and then uses their confidential information to access different online accounts.

Website spoofing is when somebody attempts to mislead you into entering personal information on a pretender website designed particularly for acquiring confidential data from victims.

There are many distinct tools and methods used in this type of hacking, but they all share one familiar thing: they all lean on baiting techniques that dupe the victim into entering his or her login credentials so that they can be used later on for other purposes like identity theft, any serious crime or gaining a permit to personal finances.

Rather than being trapped by these tricks learn to Anomor hack in detail to prevent any online scam done to you in the future.

Note:- Anomor is a safe site and does not ask for any charges to use.

Everyone needs to comprehend the significance of using such tools and the possible dangers associated with them. This post seeks to deliver information about the Anomor hacking tool so that readers can make knowledgeable decisions when dealing with digital safety aspects.

Step-by-step guide on how to use Anomor for social media platforms in detail

Step 1

You have to make an account on the Anomor official website to log in through this id in the future.

Step 2

When you successfully logged in to the Anomor website you will be able to catch many links to different social media platforms, games, and offers. These all are fake links that are used to trap the prey.

Step 3

You need to copy the link of your choice and send it to your prey.

Step 4

When he or she clicks on the link and submits the login credentials into it you will get that data straight into your My victim’s folder.

Detailed configuration about how to use Anomor on your own

If you’re looking for a way to get your very own Anomor account, you’re in luck! The official website of Anomor is now open.

Follow these steps

Step 1

Just go to the official website of Anomor you will notice a login panel on the laptop screen. Before you can use the Anomor website you need to create your id however, we suggest that you get your username and password in a few clicks by clicking on the signup division. You will be competent to utilize the site directly after completing this step!

Step 2

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to a sign-up form. Type your username, password, and other details needed to create an account. Don’t forget to save your login information so you can easily access it later!

Now you can access your dashboard! Here you can see all the links related to different social media platforms. You can also manage all your data through this dashboard on your laptop, PC, or mobile phone.

Step 3

After making your account successfully you need to come back to the login interface to similarly fill in the username and password for the login board and there your entry is confirmed by clicking on the login button seen straight on your screen to move to the dashboard.

Step 4

You’ve made it! Congratulations on getting your Anomor account. Now, you can start using the dashboard to get started with your hacking. There are a few points that you need to know about the dashboard before you initiate.

First, the dashboard will unlock. The first thing you catch on the home page of your Anomor account is that many links like Facebook Colors, Facebook Ad emails, Instagram followers, Twitter criminally cases, dragon city, 8 ball pool, etc, and links to many offers as well have been provided on this website.

The Anomor hacking links are updated every five hours, so you can always be confident that Your links are updated.

You will be surprised to know that there are more than 20 links shown on the left side of the screen per target and the information of the prey is collected in the my victims folder with date.

Step 5

Now you have to spoof any of these links. You can do it by copying the URL, pasting it into your browser, and then going to the phishing page. It also gives you options for language choice. Remember if you use a different browser or computer, you won’t see the link you copied.

Step 6

This step is the most important step where you have to send a link of choice to your target and when he/she opens the link by entering their login credentials you will get access to their login credentials in a few seconds which will be saved on my victims folder.

Step 7

This is just advice to note all the data regarding your prey saved in my victims’ folder is automatically updated or deleted every 15 days better to note down the information before it lapses.

Are there any Anomor alternative websites available to use?

Yes, there are five types of similar hacking websites functional on google apart from Anomor and are confirmed as effective as Anomor itself

The best alternative websites are as follows:-

Kinds of social media accounts that can be easily hacked using Anomor?

Earlier Anomor is connected to only some social media accounts and handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc. But now the crew has been developed and hacks numerous other platforms also which you cannot imagine.

Have a peek at those platforms here:-

  • Facebook Account
  • Instagram Account
  • Google Account
  • Google Plus Account
  • Twitter Account
  • Skype Account
  • Hot Google account
  • Gmail Account
  • Yahoo Account
  • Netlog Account
  • Gamezer Account
  • YouTube Account
  • Minecraft Account
  • Paltalk Account
  • IMVU Account
  • Tuenti Account
  • League of legends Account
  • Krosmaster Account
  • Jawaker Account
  • Darkorbit Account
  • Zynga Account
  • Dofus forum Account
  • Ask Account
  • Dofus Account
  • Metinv2 Account
  • Goultarminator Account
  • Steam Account
  • Paypal Account (which is paid)
  • Origin Account
  • Z8games Account
  • Conquer Account
  • Habbo Account
  • Rappelz Account
  • Line Account
  • Xat Account

What is Anomor Hacking Android app?

Hacking can be effortless for anyone because Anomor has its application. Now you can hack your friend’s social media accounts by using this app which is available on all androids but not on google play stores because Google does not allow hacking and hacking-related suspicious activities.

If you want to download this app you can use any secure forum to download from there. This is an application that allows you to hack any social media account without any verification or safety standards.

It also gives you permission to view, delete and change any person’s information from his/her timeline, profile picture, status update, posts, and even his/her direct messages. 

You will be able to do all this without any form of assurance so you can use it for whatever objective you want like privacy incursion, stalking, or just for fun. It does not need any particular knowledge or skills to use it just requires a little bit of patience, time, and enough internet connection.

How to see hacked login details stored in Anomor account?

The procedure of getting all the information about your victims is very easy. Here is how!

  • You need to first login into the account you have made initially on the official website of Anomor.
  • After being successfully logged in to your Anomor account you will see the “my victims” tab on the dashboard click on it and there you will be able to see the login credentials of all of the victims who are trapped by fake links.

Anomor App

If you’re looking for a way to hack your Facebook, Gmail, or Instagram account, Anomor is the tool you ought. It allows you to hack any of your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Gmail IDs with just some mouse clicks.

The web version of the hacking tool has more characteristics but yet, but you can depend on the Anomor app as well. We can say the mobile arrangement of the hacking tool permits us to access our or anyone’s account from anywhere and at any juncture in time.

The only disadvantage which you may have to suffer is it occasionally crashes in the middle of the process which is very annoying. I hope developers are working to make it better and this trouble will be resolved shortly.

Overall the Anomor app is amazing in its work. The public is using it especially because it is free, unrestricted, and gets the results they expect. If we have to rate the Anomor app we will give it 4.3 out of 5 which is a quick decent rating.


How to register in the Anomor app?

To register in the Anomor app you need to create an id that you will use further every time in the future from their official website.

Is there any other similar duplicate website like Anomor?

Some other websites are duplicates and one should be aware of them while using the original  Anomor.
Here they are
Anomor. co
Anomor. Info
Anomor. Us

Are there any similar websites like Anomor?

Yes, there are some similar websites available on the internet that provide the same features as Anomor like Z-shadow and Shadow wave.

Do we log in from anywhere to move on to our Anomor dashboard?

You need to log in through the official website of Anomor only to securely login into this hacking website.

Is Anomor safe to use?

Yes, the website is safe to use but things should always be remembered don’t ever enter your confidential information on any site in today’s epoch to prevent yourself from any cyber trap.


As hacking skills are being updated day by day in this digital world we need to be aware of all these internet scams that happen to million of us every day. Point to note this article does not promote hacking because it is an illegal activity.

यह भी पढ़े: 

The only purpose to deliver hacking information is to guide people against any scam that happens to them in the hereafter.

If you still have any doubts about Anomor the online hacking tool you can contact us and your query will be answered within 24 hours of being mailed.


    • Bhai i am from poor family i am support free Fire and i am top up 5000 ₹tak kiya hu mera Facebook account hacked ho gaya hai please bro mera account recover kar do

  1. Bro hmne jaise Sara kuch ye kar Liya uske bad jaise fb ka Jo homepage aayega victim k log in karne k lye us homepage ki language kaise change hogi kyunki mere me to English aa rha hai but victim ko English read krna nahi aata so uske lye Hindi language kaise set hogi???

  2. Account ho gya but open karne mai password wrong aa rha hai,… Kahin aisa to nahi na k mobile root hona chahiye kyunki mera phon root nhi he

  3. Bro do sal old fake id ko detect kr skte he kya present me. Uska ip address he mere pas. But he deleted his fake id. Kya is condition me bhi koi solution mil skta he mujh victim ko . please reply jo bhi solutiin ho.

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    This site can’t be reach to ab kaise kru

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    DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAI bataye ab kya karu

  8. But victim ki id hake hone ke baad ham usko use karenge to fb ki sething me hamare phone ka name bhi to show hoga victim ais se jaan jayega uski id kis phone me chal rhi hai

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    भाई अब क्या करे लोकल लॉगिन पेज ही नहीं है उस लिंक में जिस पर विक्टिम लॉगिन करें और उसका यूजर नेम और पासवर्ड हमारे विक्टिम में सेव हो जाए,
    उसका कोई उपाय कीजिए sir,
    Reply jarur krna Bhai,
    Ager FB Ka web page hme banana hai to mujhe batao Bhai kaise बनता है, वरना a link किसी काम का नहीं h , थैंक्यू आप का हाथ जोड़कर बीनिती करता हूं भाई, pls रिप्लाइ और उपाय,

  11. Bro chrome par sab kuch karne ke bad facbook massenger ka option dikh raha but chrome se send nahi ho pa raha hai or bhai is par id banaye hai to koi tenson ka bat nahi na hai isase phone ko kuch nahi na hoga

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    mujhe ek jagah dikkat aa rhi h jaha login krne ke baad login successful aa rha h,
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    uske baad kuch bhi nahi hota na link share kr pata hu
    ek baar nahi bhut baar try kiya h
    uske baad new account create krke bhi try kiya mgr kuch nahi hua..
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